Blog Goals (week 5 post)

Posted On February 27, 2012

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The goal with my portfolio blog is to write something that I personally would enjoy reading. As people often say, “when you do something that you truly like, then others often like it as well.” As I say in my About Me, skiing is my number one passion and if I can translate the passion I have for the sport into passion for writing about it then I will be extremely proud of what I’ve done.

My audience consists of skiers, possibly snowboarders. Part of what makes skiing a great experience is the conversations that you have about it afterwards. Skiing blogs are a great tool to stimulate conversation about personal experience. Skiers want to hear stories and that is what I hope to continue with. From Google I’ve seen that most highly searched categories are locations and tips. I plan to branch out to advice-giving on certain topics and continue with describing resorts and telling stories.

One thing I took away from the lecture last class was the importance of pictures. The pictures I took during my trip were just something I put in just to make it look more flashy to me. I never really thought I was employing a strategy at the time. A strategy that I would like to use would be to ask semi-rhetorical questions after certain posts. This relates back to the point I made earlier, how I think discussion is what ski blogs thrive on. Asking and possibly responding to what input other skiers may have not only enhances the post itself but makes readers feel as though I value what they have to say. Besides, I love to talk with the skiing community, they’re a fantastic group of people.


3 Responses to “Blog Goals (week 5 post)”

  1. comm498A

    your design and layout work really well – the images work so well with each other -ie the snowflakes one and the sad lift chair which is a fabulous photo. your pix are awesome! This really zings…or is it sings!

  2. comm498A

    i can’t wait til you start connecting more widely with ‘your’ community – because i’m sure people will be interested and responsive. when you share a mutual passion, conversation is easy. here’s hoping the region’s heat doesn’t begin soon. how will you reach your community? toodling around i just saw today is the last ski day at white tail…boo. but they have a Facebook page with lots of photos and comments. you probably already knew that?
    i’ll forward your message to katie now. but this is her email.

  3. brianific

    Yeah summer is definitely on its way and this winter has been really warm too. Whitetail isn’t closed for the season just yet though, they were on Wednesday just because of the torrential rainfall. Just today they had a event where you can make a sundae as you ski or board down the trail to stations that include the ice cream, various toppings, and whipped cream/cherries. SO SAD I MISSED THAT. But yes in fact I follow them on twitter and thanks.

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