Favorite experience or memory? A Snowshoe Mountain post.

I feel as though this would not be a ski blog without a place to share everyone’s best experiences. I would like to make a post encouraging just that.

  1. What’s your favorite trip you’ve ever been on?
  2. What made it the best?
  3. What did you do?
  4. What was your favorite moment?

I’ll start by sharing mine.

1. The winter before this one my family (including an aunt, uncle, and a friend) went to place called Snowshoe Mountain for a week.

2. Now, this is no Top-tier nationally known resort, but to me, that isn’t what makes a good ski trip. There’s three things that make a ski trip for me: weather, atmosphere, and timing.

  • The weather on Snowshoe Mountain was absolutely perfect. Due to the high altitude it never got above freezing when I was there so it never got icy. Nothing ever really melts until Spring. This was apparent with the trees that basically turned into snowmen.

Not only that but there was about an inch of fresh powder every single morning from overnight snowfall.

  • The atmosphere at Snowshoe was fantastic. I was staying in a room looking right over Snowshoe Village. Snowshoe village, unlike some resorts, is located directly on top of the mountain you ski and snowboard on. This allows you to basically ski down your backyard. The setup gives the entire place a really secluded and close-knit feel. It also makes all the surrounding scenery gorgeous. Here are some panoramic pictures I made from the trip:

  • It was by complete accident but we ended up going during their lowest capacity of the season. For a crowd that a ski resort usually has, the place might as well have been deserted.

This was because it wasn’t during a weekend and there had just been a lot of snowfall deterring others from making the trip. I love to go when places are at low capacity. There are no lines, it’s really peaceful, and everyone just seems to be a lot nicer.

3. Snowshoe mountain offers snow tubing, sleigh rides, snow cat tours, snowmobiling, along with a lot of slopes. We did all but the snowmobiling. Also there is a great bar scene and outdoor hot tubs.

4. My favorite moment was the first night there when it was the most deserted. I skied and boarded at night while snow was falling on the slopes at Silver Creek. Thinking back to that night and is like instant meditation. Then later, meeting up at the bar and playing pool. Does an entire night count as a moment? It does on my blog.

Here’s a video I made showing the trip in action:

Be sure to let me know about your favorite memory or experience!


2 Responses to “Favorite experience or memory? A Snowshoe Mountain post.”

  1. Lois Lipman

    Wonderful post! Full of texture and pix, well written, great vacation video. You totally nail it. I understand about liking a quiet place. My favorite time was rock climbing on sea cliffs in Scotland, finding wildflowers growing out of the rocks and camping out.

    • brianific

      Haha that sound like a great time, I need to get over to Europe. 🙂

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