Is ski season over? Summer Skiing post.

Is ski season over, you ask? I’m afraid it is long gone here in the U.S.

Now you may be asking, “What do I do now?”

Good news, the official What Do I Do Now List is here.

1. You could try sliding down the stairs in your house.



No? Okay.

2. Apparently grass skiing and boarding is a thing now.


Now I have to say that as someone who would not change a thing about snow sports, I was a little bit skeptical that this seemed to claim to match up to its winter counterpart. I was also skeptical that this entire activity isn’t the most terrifying, face-breaking thing in existence.

All my doubts faded when I saw that you can get a lesson, lift ticket, skis/board rentals, pads, and a helmet all for 30 dollars or less. Hey, I don’t mind risking my life if it’s a good deal.

All kidding aside, I’m sure it’s relatively safe and at least hilarious. Plus, there’s a place you can go close-by in Virginia called Bryce Mountain Resort.

3. When the snow melts some ski resorts turn into mountain biking resorts.


At Whitetail you can get a beginner lesson for 10 dollars. They have a wide variety of terrain for both beginners and experts. It’s really useful to have ranked trails so you know what you’re getting into and can improve your skills slowly. It’s also a fantastic and exciting source for exercise without being stuck in a crowded and humid gym. Mountain bike rentals are expensive though so look into prices beforehand and see if there’s any shops that will rent cheaper.

5. Indoor skiing exists in several countries.


Indoor skiing in Dubai

Unfortunately, the United States is not one of them. However in 2014, the construction of the first indoor ski slope in the U.S. will be finished in American Dream Meadowlands, an entertainment complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey. This 250,000 sq ft indoor ski/snowboard slope will be open year round and feature equipment rentals, a working chairlift, ski lessons, and a ski bar.

6. Skiing and boarding is very much alive in the southern hemisphere. I once met a snowboard instructor who would travel to Australia every year once the season ended and many others do the same. I personally would like to go to Perisher Valley in Australia because it is massive.


Perisher Valley trail map

Other countries good for ski trips in the southern hemisphere are Argentina, Chile, and New Zealand.

What do you think you’d be most likely to try?


2 Responses to “Is ski season over? Summer Skiing post.”

  1. dkeebslee

    How does grass skiing work? Seems very ineffective in a way to me =)

    • brianific

      Well grass skis create conveyor belt style movement. I had that thought myself since I don’t imagine you’d be able to slide dig in the edges of anything to slow down and stop. I researched this a bit and found out that the answers are a bit varied. Some people say you turn uphill a little, some say you can carve with them, some say you slow down and touch your tips together.
      I feel like in order to find out for sure I’d have to do it. Though finding out that touching your tips together gets you an immediate stop is a bit disturbing since you might do it accidentally at a high speed…

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