Skiing for Charity

Posted On March 3, 2012

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Skiing for charity. There’s something you may not have ever heard of. Well neither had I until I blindly showed up at Whitetail on February 13th. The event being hosted was called the 100k Vertical Challenge. The participant gets pledges of money based on how far they can ski in one day, up to 100 kilometers (about 62 miles). This distance amounts to 107 runs down the mountain!

100k challenge participant. Photo credit: User robertandrewmueller (

This event is held to raise money for the Two Top Mountain Adaptive Sports Foundation. The Two Top Mountain Adaptive Sports Foundation is a non-profit that teaches sports to mentally and physically challenged children and adults to help build self-confidence. They teach all sorts of people adaptive sports. From the visually impaired, to amputees, to wheelchair bound athletes. They have winter programs at Whitetail for disabled skiers and snowboarders as well as summer programs like kayaking, fly fishing, cycling, and golf. They also have an ongoing “Wounded Warrior Project” for injured military personnel returning from war. A good video that gives more in-depth look into how an adaptive sports foundation works can be found here.

An adaptive skiing lesson. Photo credit: Robert Mueller (

The event started at 8 a.m. with 22 participants and lasted until dark. There was a concessions stand below the mountain so they could eat as they go. I talked to two participants on the lift. The first one was a snowboarder whom was about 40 runs in. He was really determined and said he was doing extra runs for people that knew they wouldn’t be able to finish. As soon as we were off the lift he just about straight-lined down the mountain without missing a beat! He said he was trying to get as much done before the sun set and the snow got icy. The second man I talked to was a veteran who had a spinal injury. He told me about two other disabled participants. He said one of them was definitely headed for the Paralympics. Just watching these guys and gals made me exhausted. One person there had raised 1,000 dollars! This event was definitely something unexpected and incredible to see and I would have loved to try it.

What about you? Do you think you could take on 107 runs for charity?